Trade firm money!

No money down!

Generous 50/50 profit split!

Unlimited income potential!

Since 2003, FOREXSAM has developed an innovative trading opportunity for active amateur traders to trade firm capital. If you trade frequently on an intraday basis and achieve profitable or breakeven results this is your chance to become a professional trader with other people’s money.

FOREXSAM's hedge funds and proprietary trading firms are looking to find and develop new trading talent.  Traders are not required to trade their own capital. Traders will be employed directly by the hedge fund or proprietary trading firm to actively trade the firm’s capital at FOREXSAM. Initial allocation varies according to each merit. The better a trader performs the more capital he will be allocated. A trader's compensation is based on his or her own profitability. Profits will be split 50/50 with a graduated scale for top performers. Traders must adhere to the rules and trading parameters of that institution.

FOREXSAM's objective is to find and develop the best new
talent in CFETS (CFD,FICC & EQUITY TRADING SOLUTION). We are looking for active professional traders (and those that want to be professional traders), with profitable or breakeven trading records in CFETS . In addition, candidates must be able to show a sound trading strategy and risk management.

FOREXSAM Hedge Fund Incubation

Know What FOREXSAM Hedge Funds Look For

In order to trade professionally for FOREXSAM hedge fund, there are certain base attributes which every trader must possess:
*ability to identify prime entry and exit points
*sound risk management practices
*discipline and emotional detachment
*trading style that can profit when applied with extremely large order volume on day trading base where no re-quotes and no slippages.
Traders who possess these core prerequisites can then begin to consider whether they are a system trader or a discretionary trader.

System Traders

FOREXSAM hedge funds accept on profitable trading systems and the talented developers who can create such systems. In particular, FOREXSAM hedge funds seek systems bearing two of the most sought-after attributes:
*the ability to be entirely automated
*the ability to profit on day trading

Discretionary Traders

Being the online CFETS expert , FOREXSAM hedge funds place a premium value on discretionary traders -- traders who cannot boil their strategy down to programmable equations. For discretionary traders, many of the same rules still apply:
*must have a solid logic to trading decisions, with rules that can be strictly adhered to
*traders' methodology must be applicable to large order volumes where cost of execution can be 10 points or more
Please note that all applicants must have a minimum of 12 months of trading experience.


Our agent should not make any guarantee on behalf of either partnering FOREXSAM hedge funds or individual traders. Our agent simply acts as a referral agent, and hence can make no assurances to the client or to FOREXSAM hedge fund.  

FOREXSAM welcome traders whose strategies involve repeatedly taking very small profits, as such trading strategies are very successful with online trading. As a result, strategies such as day trading will be viable, and hence can be top-priority.

To apply for the FOREXSAM Hedge Fund Incubation Program

Traders should submit the following to 

2016webq2b at

1. A live trading track record, which must be a verifiable statement from a registered financial institutions.
2. A brief description of your trading methodology, and trading experience.
* Do not forget to include your name, email address, messenger id and phone number (including country code).
Traders that pass initial screening will be contacted for interviews.

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